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The territory is world famous for its castles and manors. But it also hides many other architectural treasures: Neolithic dolmen, ancient roads dating back to Gallo-roman times, modern towns of the 18th century, not mentioning the “troglos” (caves) and life underground.

pont mégalithique au dessus du Thouet dans un environnement végétal à Artannes sur thouet
Architecture Archeology

The Park territory is famous for its medieval and Renaissance castles. But did you know that you can also find the biggest dolmen of France, important...

Chênehutte-trèves-Cunault©Nicolas Van Ingen
Architecture Built heritage

Today, on the Park territory, abbeys, churches and priories still are witnesses of the early presence of powerfull religious communities. The numerous...

Château de Montreuil-Bellay©Nicolas Van Ingen
Architecture Castle

Imposing castles built by the French Kings or more modest manor houses … the territory offers a high concentration of exceptional buildings. From the...

Ruelles de Candes-Saint-Martin©Nicolas Van Ingen
Architecture Cities

When you stroll around the old fortified towns and villages of the Park, you are time travelling. Their development is closely linked to the success...

Turquant©M. Mattei
Architecture Troglos

Troglodytic sites exist all over the world. But you can find some really spectacular ones on the Park territory, near Saumur, Chinon, Bourgueil and...

Loge de vigne©N. Van Ingen
Architecture Off the beaten path

In the rural areas, buildings and landscapes show a wide range of economic activities: wine growing, dried fruit production, milling, hemp and tabaco...

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Taille de pierre©Nicolas Van Ingen
Built heritage Architecture

From prestigious monuments to modest houses, tufa stone is the main construction material of the Loire-Anjou-Touraine Park giving way to many...

Chinon 22km - 2h
By horse Landscapes Built heritage
19km - 2h
By bike Built heritage
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04 Jun. 2020 - 27 Aug. 2020
Guided tour Rivers

Croisières Saumur Loire

Embark on the Saumur Loire, to discover Loire landscapes and Saumur monuments. Our guide and his anecdotes will make you admire the Loire, its birds...

12 Jun. 2021
Guided tour Plants

Parc naturel régional Loire-Anjou-Touraine

The botanical exploratory outings are back on! Depending on the authorisations granted, we will wander through the paths, or even through quarry pits...

19 May. 2021 - 07 Nov. 2021
Exhibition Built heritage and history

Maison du Parc

The Park is distinguished by the incredible density and variety of its troglos.Their story is long and full of surprises. Discover this fascinating...