Confluence Vienne et Loire à Candes St Martin©N. Van Ingen

The Park

The Loire-Anjou-Touraine Regional Natural Park covers 116 local authorities. Together with local stakeholders it commits to an ambitious and shared project. It acts and works in consultation with different partners in order to preserve and promote this exceptional territory.

The most important mission of the Regional Natural Park is the preservation of an exceptional natural and cultural heritage. It promotes its treasures...

Created in 1996, the Loire-Anjou-Touraine Park is one of the 54 Regional Natural Parks of France. These inhabited rural areas are recognized on a...

Confluence Loire et Vienne©Daan Loeg-Shutterstock.jpg

Created in 1996, the Loire-Anjou-Touraine Park is one of the 54 Regional Natural Parks of France. These inhabited rural areas are recognized on a...

vue sur le moulin à Montsoreau entouré de vignes, au loin on aperçoit des habitations et la Loire
Val de Loire

Beyond the famous river and castles of the Loire valley, the Loire-Anjou-Touraine Park federates a territory with rich and diversified naturel...

sur le site naturel de la confluence à Candes-Saint-Martin, des personnes en groupe longe la Loire après avoir profité d'un atelier sur les paysages du Parc
Val de Loire

The Loire-Anjou-Touraine Regional Natural Park was founded over 20 years ago. Together with local authorities and stakeholders, it implements an...

groupe de personnes dans un contexte festif à la Fête du Parc naturel régional Loire à Doué-la-Fontaine

The Loire-Anjou-Touraine Park is a collective project. Everyone can take an active part in reflections, projects and actions. Residents, elected...


In order to successfully lead its territorial project, the Park has different organisational bodies bringing the local authorities together as Park...

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Château de Langeais©Philippe Body

The Loire-Anjou-Touraine Park is packed with heritage. It is where short stories meet great history. Landscapes switch between cultivated plateaus and...

Montsoreau et son château©C. Petiteau
Off the beaten path Tourism and leisures

Looking for a place to escape to? The Loire-Anjou-Touraine Park is the perfect spot for immersing into a great culture and enjoying nature at the same...

Exhibitions, stages or guided tours... At any season, enjoy a full of activities, for children and adults!


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20 Jun. 2020
Guided tour Plants

Parc naturel régional Loire-Anjou-Touraine

An inventory of the flora of Savigny-en-Véron. Some comments are available on request.


05 Apr. 2021 - 07 Aug. 2021
Guided tour Gastronomy and terroir

Domain Ratron, Clos des Cordeliers

In the heart of the vineyards of the village of Champigny with Marie-Françoise RATRON GALET - winemaker, share the daily life and philosophy of the...

Nature Fauna Flora
Dry grasslands spread out on shallow soils which are well-exposed, poor and stony and can’t retain water. They are part of the richest habitats...